Acrylic on Canvas


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Jonathan’s Left Panel:
We consciously chose not to show violence but ideas of why it may happen. Although I have not been part of domestic violence, my part of the piece comes from a place of personal reflection. A major theme throughout is the father-son relationship, particularly how a father is the prime role model for his sons. The central figures are the man taking a leap of faith and reaching for hope as he carries his son, who is the legacy of his actions.

Collaborative Middle Panel:
The middle panel was created from a collaborative process of much discussion, compromise and discovery between us. As we read about Sojourner Truth, the inspiration for Sojourner Family Peace Center, we were moved by her integrity and resolution. In our painting, she is the central maternal figure, collecting the fruits of her labor, proof of which is Sojourner Family Peace Center. The individuals on each panel are reaching towards the light in this middle panel; a sign of rebirth, hope and faith.

Amy’s Right Panel:
The home is not always a physical place but a spiritual one, often developed by female energy. She protects her child, and they thrive on her strength. The physical home in the center is the safe haven that resides within us. We try to pass this on to our children, even when the physical home is compromised. No one can take that internal home away from you. But, inevitably, life is uncertain. I was drawn to elements of nature that are both predictable and unpredictable. The central figures are coming out of the darkness to the middle panel, which is full of life and hope.

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